Factory and Industrial premises clearance

Our experience ranges from small trading estate site all the way to large warehousing, advanced manufacturing facilities and heavy duty utility sites. Through the vast wealth of experience that each of our team has, we have built a reputation for providing a high quality industrial and factory clearance and scrap metal recycling service.

With our experience in scrap metal recycling, processing and removal, we ensure that health and safety is a top priority for us. All our specialist members of staff are trained in current health and safety practices, such as wearing the correct personal protection equipment, safe loading, and handling and storage of scrap metal.

We are licensed waste carriers therefore we offer all waste clearance as part of our services. We can remove all household goods, normal and hazardous waste. We will re-cycle all recyclable materials at designated waste disposal sites and ensure hazardous waste is disposed of in the correct way according to up to date hazardous waste regulations. We will collect waste from anywhere on the premises no matter how big or small.

With our fleet of wagons and specialist clearance experts, we can offer the complete clearance service for the customer, including comprehensive scrap metal recycling.

If you would like to find out more information about our factory clearance service, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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