Scrap car removal and recycling (Best Price Paid)

Do you remember when your car, your motor, your wheels was your pride and joy, you would cruise for hours blasting out your favourite tunes, hanging with your friend or taking long family trips. Your car was part of your family your crew one of your homies, and just like a family member its hard to accept that they are getting old and can no long just run down to the shops.

They are now costing you more money in medical bills (maintenance costs) and as much as you hate to admit it to yourself it has come to that time of their lives when they must go into retirement.

To help minimise the pain of loosing a loved one Nottingham Scrap Metal offer the very best price for your old vehicles, rest assured they will be retied in the most environmentally friendly way as possible with most parts of them going onto live a productive and full life as a recycled or new product.

We can arrange collection of your loved one or you can bring them to us at the address below, feel free to call first should you have any questions.


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